Help! Our Community Just Suffered a CAT, How Will This Affect My Agency Value?

It’s still early in the year and your community was just ravished by another convective storm, tornado, wildfire, mass flooding, or another widespread CAT loss. This story is becoming all too familiar across the country as natural weather events are happening at a higher rate. Over the last five years, 2019-2023, the National Centers for […]

Three Ways Your Accounting Practices Affect the Value of Your Insurance Agency

In an all too common and unfortunate situation, agency principals are often suddenly forced to step away from their agency due to death or disability. In this unplanned and unexpected scenario, there is no “break-glass-in-case-of-emergency” option, and it can be incredibly disruptive for the ongoing agency operations. At this critical moment, the CSRs and producers […]

2024 State of Independent Insurance Agency Valuations – IA Valuations Webinar Recap

IA Valuations recently held a webinar discussing 2024 Independent Agency M&A Trends and Predictions. IA Valuations’ CEO, Jeff Smith, and Director of Business Planning and Valuations, Craig Niess, hosted three panelists: Mike Wagar from Westfield Bank, Dan Girardi from Keystone Agency Partners, and Rob Smith from Fideles Advisors. These panelists were selected due to their […]

Help! I’m 65 and Want to Sell My Insurance Agency

The highly anticipated day has finally come: you are getting ready to retire. After spending 30+ years working in your insurance agency, you have made the difficult decision that it is time to sell the agency and step down. Hopefully, you have been running your business over the years as if you were going to […]

Is There an Optimal Age to Sell Your Insurance Agency?

It is hard to say, however, based on our analysis, we believe the optimal age is 58. Whether you are planning to perpetuate internally or sell externally, it is inevitable that you are going to sell your ownership at some point. In this article we explore whether there is an optimal age to transition ownership […]

The Importance of a Strong Balance Sheet

The value of a balance sheet is a key component in the calculation of agency value. We encourage our IA Valuations clients to bolster their balance sheets, not only to increase their agency value, but also for a myriad of reasons that will have both short-term and long-term impacts on the agency. Agency Reinvestment Agencies […]

Being in the Driver’s Seat

As an agency owner, when it comes time to sell your agency or internally perpetuate, you want to be in the driver’s seat during the process. Now, what exactly does “being in the driver’s seat” mean as an owner? Simply put, you are in control during the sale, you know your numbers, you’ve done the […]

Narrowly- Vs. Broadly-Held Stock Ownership and the Impact on Agency Value

We have found that many agencies are on one side of the spectrum or the other when it comes to stock ownership. Whether they operate with narrowly-held or broadly-held stock ownership can have quite the impact on their agency’s value. We hope to highlight the major differences between the two in this article. Narrowly-Held Stock […]