To hit the ground running in 2024, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of your agency’s value and the strategic elements that can increase your agency’s value over time. Gathering the information necessary to critically evaluate your agency’s value will take time and it is best to be prepared to gather the needed documents.

IA Valuations offers independent agency valuations that will help you understand your value in today’s marketplace. IA Valuations goes beyond just a number – we provide you with key insights tailored for your unique situation to help you unlock your potential and maximize your agency’s value in the coming year. We dive deep into your agency’s individual circumstances to help better understand your positioning and provide valuable and strategic information for sustained long-term growth.

After your year-end close, the data needed to assess your agency’s value can be pulled from your Agency Management System (AMS), your accounting system, or with assistance from your CPA. To get started on your agency’s valuation, we will need several documents summarizing the financial performance of your agency. Much of this you can start gathering in advance of year end so you can hit the ground running while preparing for your valuation.

While it may seem like a daunting task to gather all this information, all of these documents are knowable for your agency, and they should be readily available. We encourage agencies to work a valuation into their annual business review, so it should become habitual.

After we receive the data, we will turn your agency’s valuation around in 2-3 weeks. Our analysis includes a 24-page detailed report that, in addition to your value range, includes a list of key risk factors and whether or not they are increasing or decreasing your value, as well as insight into how to move those numbers. We will also schedule a review session, either in-person or via video conference, to discuss in more detail and answer any outstanding questions you may have after reviewing your report.

What are you waiting for? Understanding your agency’s value early in 2024 will give you the insights and action items that will help you increase value and plan over time. If you act by 12/31/2023, we will include a $250 discount off of your valuation. This is a limited time offer, so act quickly!

Please reach out to Craig Niess, MBA, CVA at with any questions or to learn more.

About IA Valuations and Agency Link – Founded in 2017, the IA Valuations team has performed over 220 valuations to independent insurance agencies across the U.S. Our advisors have 25+ years of experience guiding agency owners on maximizing their agency value, planning, and legal needs for ownership transition. In addition, IA Valuations has provided perpetuation planning, financial modeling and business planning for independent insurance agencies. Finally, IA Valuations has advised dozens of agency owners on selling their agencies through our Agency Link process. Agency Link is a platform that co     nnects buyers and sellers together to further the growth and strength of the IA system. To learn more about IA Valuations, please visit or   

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By: Craig Niess, MBA, CVA

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