Is There an Optimal Age to Sell Your Insurance Agency?

It is hard to say, however, based on our analysis, we believe the optimal age is 58. Whether you are planning to perpetuate internally or sell externally, it is inevitable that you are going to sell your ownership at some point. In this article we explore whether there is an optimal age to transition ownership […]

Narrowly- Vs. Broadly-Held Stock Ownership and the Impact on Agency Value

We have found that many agencies are on one side of the spectrum or the other when it comes to stock ownership. Whether they operate with narrowly-held or broadly-held stock ownership can have quite the impact on their agency’s value. We hope to highlight the major differences between the two in this article. Narrowly-Held Stock […]

Red Flags that Weaken Agency Value

In the 200+ valuations that the IA Valuations team has performed, pinpointing and recognizing the red flags has become an essential step in the process to maximize an agency’s value. In general, agency owners are not aware of the internal factors that are stunting their growth and limiting overall value. In this article, we will […]

5 Reasons to Use IA Valuations for an Insurance Agency Valuation

Getting a valuation of your insurance agency is an important decision and a tool to understanding the fair market value of what is likely your greatest financial asset. You can get a valuation from many sources. Each of those sources has a motive, experience, and credentials for providing the service. In this article, we will […]

Factors that Affect Agency Value – Growth

There are over 25 factors that we review when placing a fair market value on an independent insurance agency, and annual revenue growth rate is one of the most important factors that affects an agency’s value. If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you are contemplating how to grow your agency in […]

Three Vital Agency Factors to Integrate Today!

Over the course of the last five years, the team at IA Valuations has performed over 200 valuations for independent agencies. We have analyzed a wide variety of agencies, ranging from small agencies in rural areas to larger, more sophisticated agencies in major metropolitan areas. One thing that remains true from our experiences is that […]

Using an Agency Valuation as a Roadmap for Growth

Why Agency Owners should Utilize an Agency Valuation as a Business Planning Tool In today‚Äôs business climate, agency owners can no longer afford to use revenue multiples to understand agency value. The exact calculation of agency value requires a much deeper dive into the numbers, employees, and operation to get an accurate assessment of an […]