The Effect of the Hard Market on Agency Values

For many insurance agencies, the hard market yields a double-edged sword as it relates to agency values. Some of the impacts of the hard market can have a positive impact on agency value, while others will work to depress values. Understanding these impacts will be key to helping you navigate these uncertain times. The Insurance […]

The Power of Using an Agency Valuation as a Business Planning Tool

To know where you are going, you must first know where you are currently. The biggest step in business planning each year is having a clear metric for the agency’s success. We believe the most effective metric and report is to get an independent fair market valuation of your agency. The valuation report will give […]

Planting the Seeds for Your Agency’s Future to Bloom

Many agency owners are unsure of their exit plan, and many fail to take the time to consider their options as they are busy running their day-to-day agency operations. But, a time will come when they must decide whether they will sell externally to a third-party buyer or sell internally to family or key stakeholders. […]

Is it Time for Your Annual Agency Tax Check Up?

As we near the dreaded Tax Day, we urge all independent agency owners to take some time to review your corporate structure with your tax expert. A review will determine if you are best positioned to reduce your yearly tax burden, and to better understand the tax liability you will face when you eventually sell […]

Three Vital Agency Factors to Integrate Today!

Over the course of the last five years, the team at IA Valuations has performed over 200 valuations for independent agencies. We have analyzed a wide variety of agencies, ranging from small agencies in rural areas to larger, more sophisticated agencies in major metropolitan areas. One thing that remains true from our experiences is that […]

The Misperception About Agency Values and Private Equity Buyers

The Private Equity (PE) infusion into the IA system is a fairly recent phenomenon that has created a fundamental realignment of the IA business model. It has also created an unprecedented amount of myths and misperceptions about agency values and selling options. 

Using an Agency Valuation as a Roadmap for Growth

Why Agency Owners should Utilize an Agency Valuation as a Business Planning Tool In today’s business climate, agency owners can no longer afford to use revenue multiples to understand agency value. The exact calculation of agency value requires a much deeper dive into the numbers, employees, and operation to get an accurate assessment of an […]

Traditional Independent Agencies are Losing the M&A Game

We are experiencing the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the independent agency (IA) system and traditional retail independent insurance agencies (privately held) are getting crushed in the merger and acquisition (M&A) game. According to Optis Partners, the IA system experienced a record 1,061 M&A transactions of independent agencies and brokers in 2021. There […]